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Smart Locker Solutions

Deploy smart lockers in minutes for delivery, storage, and rental applications.
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Rent. Store.
Deliver. Vend.

Programmable lockers for your application. Customize your user experience with our platform. Stop using apps that you need to download. Web applications make it fast to unlock a locker.
✅ Any web browser to unlock a locker
✅ Your branding instantly on the app
✅ Select authentication for your business
Screenshots of our software platform
Kiosk Apps

Deploy Kiosks Instantly. Anywhere.

Our locker management software enables you to manage your locker locations, doors, and people.
✅ Program your delivery flow for your lockers
✅ Turn any existing lockers into a delivery location
✅ Add storage and asset management
✅ One app = 5 modes!
Software Platform

#1 Locker Management Platform.

Managing your locker system has never been easier. The Locker OS platform combines simplicity and power. Managing lockers just got more fun!
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Manage – Our locker platform enables businesses to manage access to lockers. Create private or public locker networks.

Engage – Your customers are important! Upload your customer list and start connecting with them with any locker.

Monetize – Use our Stripe integration to customize pricing, memberships to access lockers.

Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems.

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