Delivery has changed dramatically in the last few years, and we’ve worked diligently to fill the gaps for efficient delivery and pick-up solutions.

Frictionless Drop-Off

Our web-based applications enable customers to quickly unlock a locker and grab their food in just two clicks. Making it frictionless for the customer to grab their pick-up order.

Sustainable Delivery

Easily navigate traffic and reduce the cost of a delivery driver by providing an active mode of transportation. Deploy a fleet of delivery e-bikes in just minutes. Our white label solutions make it possible to manage drivers and orders easily!

All-in-One Kiosk

Our tablet kiosk makes it easy to deploy and connect to multiple delivery companies and users. Using the tablet kiosk + Oni smart lock will make it simple and fast for customers to pick up their orders!

Key Features

  1. API Integrations: We provide a variety of APIs for our customers to quickly integrate and develop their own user experience.
  2. Fleet Manager: Use our fleet manager tool to quickly manage your drivers. Connect with your riders and help them navigate their orders.
  3. OTP Locker Unlock: Quickly send access messages to your users via a seamless text message. Easy access for your users every time.