Storage lockers give us the ability to move freely without baggage. You may have used a smart locker recently at an amusement park, shopping center, or in college. Our software and lock enable those lockers to instantly become smart.

Storage When You Need It

On-demand personal storage is continuing to grow. Events, public spaces, to commercial properties. These smart amenities solve real problems for people that are looking for smart storage solutions.

Simply Mount Anywhere

The universal mounting capabilities of the Oni lock enable you to mount it to any existing locker design. The Cellular capabilities help with customer support and remote unlock. Partner with one of our locker companies and add Oni to create a smart storage solution today!

Asset Management

The Koloni Connect software enables you to scale your storage locker systems by location very quickly. Upload user lists and assign users to lockers in just minutes. You can also customize the pricing that users pay to unlock and store their belongings.

Key Features

  1. Remote Unlock: Use our tools to promote your rental business. Share promo codes and 2-way referral programs
  2. Custom Pricing: Create hourly and membership pricing structures to fit your business's needs.
  3. Point-of-Sale: Reach out to your user base to receive feedback. Gain valuable insights into what you can improve on.