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We integrate industry leader in IoT smart locks. Allowing existing products to create new solutions with our platform.
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Precise controlWhite label software to give you the most control over your customer experience.
Easy Integration Our developers have created applications that seamlessly integrate to your existing operation.
A trusted teamWork with one of our experienced representatives for an easy startup with white label.
Rental & Storage

Unlock the Universe!

The OCS®PRO is the latest generation of touch keypad lock from Ojmar; now with enhanced features, function and style.
ONI 1.0


The ONI lock enables any existing smart locker quickly become smart. Start rentals and deliveries in minutes.
Harbor Lockers

Public. Private.

Partner with the only public locker network trusted by developers and organizations of all sizes to easily ship, store, and receive goods with infinite possibilities.

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OEM & Distributors

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We enable manufacturers to provide new, cutting edge solutions. Opening up more opportunities into new markets and industries.

Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems.