Every Locker is Smart.

Manage user access, customize locker configuration, and program lockers for different applications.
“Couldn’t live without it!”
Cameron S.

Here's why you'll love the ONI Lock

Flexible Mounting – The ONI Lock is designed to mount to any existing locker.
Battery Powered – The ONI doesn't need wires. Simply recharge the battery.
API Integration – You can connect the ONI to any existing app.

The Keys to ONI

1. Install in Minutes – Attach the ONI to any locker or storage unit easily with 2 or 4 screws
2. 4G + BTLE – Flexible when connecting the ONI Lock. Remote unlock to BTLE.
3. Battery Powered – The lock has two batteries, an internal battery and a swappable battery.
4. Select Mode – Quickly turn your locker into a delivery, storage, or rental locker. Use it for many applications.
The ONI Lock

Under the Hood

Size: 7.2”x7.2”x1.1”
Connectivity: BTLE + 4G
Lock: spring latch
Power: 20,000MaH
Life: 50,000 transactions
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“The ONI made it simple to turn my existing lockers smart. Our budget was tight and the big smart locker brands were out of our price range. 💪🏽💪🏽”
Hank Farner
Park Manager

The Locker Disruption

The locker industry is very fragmented, to say the least.

Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems.