AWS Terraform Engineer

AWS/Terraform Developer (other names: Cloud Developer, DevOps Developer)


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)
  • Terraform: 4 years (Preferred)
  • AWS: 4 years (Preferred)
  • US work authorization (Preferred)

Full Job Description

We are looking for a senior DevOps Engineer with strong background in AWS and Terraform. This is a key role which focuses on engineering and maintaining the tooling and infrastructure used to automate the release, deployment, and upgrade processes for workloads deployed in the firm’s hosting zones/environments. This individual will work as a part of a growing DevOps team to automate pipelines for hosted environments as well as providing consulting services to application and infrastructure teams specific to automated build, test, and release automation. This role will be responsible for the operations and operating environment for the DevOps platforms and will drive troubleshooting efforts around incidents and outages.


  • This person will be responsible to design AWS solutions for various initiatives
  • Continuously build and integrate infrastructures using Terraform
  • Develop migration strategy for on premise application
  • Strengthen and maintain the management of the build and deployment processes and infrastructure
  • Design, engineer and support the DevOps CI\CD tooling and platform roadmap and own the lifecycle of these platforms
  • Seamlessly integrate DevOps with infrastructure and automation orchestration platforms through established architectural patterns
  • Integrate on premise applications to cloud applications
  • Lead cloud application development
  • Provide AWS cloud development guidance to other developers


  • 3+ years' in AWS and Terraform development experience
  • Expertise in continuous integration, continuous deployment, application performance monitoring, and alerting systems
  • Strong experience with develop Terraform scripts
  • Strong experience with AWS S3, EBS, EC2, ASG, ELB and AMI
  • Experience in multiple scripting languages – Python, shell, Javascript,
  • Experience with Linux
  • Experience with Nix
  • Strong experience with Amazon RDS
  • Experience with Aurora, DynamoDB, AWS catalog and AWS Athena
  • Experience with Cloudfront

Personal Traits

  • Lifelong Learner - Confidence in using and learning new tools outside of their current skill-set using documentation and hands-on testing. You get excited by the opportunity to learn a new tool or language.
  • Reasoning Skills - Understand logic of varying code and hold a solid understanding of core programing concepts. Should be able to step through problems, often with a debugger, to find errors or inefficiencies.
  • Analytical Thinker - Understand the art of problem solving, and break problems into consumable sub-tasks. Divide and Conquer!
  • Hand Raiser - Knowing when to ask questions from peers and business teams.
  • Prioritizer - Knowing when to prioritize certain tasks, and planning them accordingly with the team..
  • Tech Aware - Continually up to date with technology trends and genuinely are interested in new developments of technology. Knowledge of tools outside of programming languages (version control, issue tracking, testing, etc).
  • Focused - Utilization of tools/self-awareness to reduce distractions such as rubber duck debugging, pomodoro, and airplane-mode coding techniques.
  • Socially Aware - Understanding software engineering as a process beyond code in applications. Mindful of technology as a social construct composed of specific goals or needs, as well as the software engineering to create it.
  • Documentation Writer - Must be able to document for both third-parties resources and internally using good comment structure in the codebase for our team.
  • Code Critic - Enjoys reviewing code from peers or examples online.
  • Mnemonist - Have a good memory (or take solid notes).

Job Types: Full-time, Contract


  • 8 hour shift


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)


  • Terraform: 3+ years (Preferred)
  • AWS: 3+ years (Preferred)
  • Nix: Any experience (Desired, not expected)

Work Location: Remote (edited)