Python Web Developer (FastAPI)

About Company

Koloni is a B2B SaaS platform, enabling businesses to quickly deploy smart lockers for deliveries, rental, and storage solutions. Our platform provides solutions for a variety of companies from large food delivery technology companies, property management, locker manufacturers, and fellow startups.

Job Responsibilities

  • Utilize NoSQL data to deliver responses to API services for clients.
  • Use Boto3 to access AWS services.
  • Ensure security standards are upheld and audited throughout the codebase.
  • Assist with deployments and AWS maintenance as needed using tools like Docker and Terraform
  • Provide unique insight to the team based on previous experiences with other technology tools.
  • Follow and create specifications for data modeling and architecture design of services for the team to collaborate on.
  • Communicate and work alongside the team towards goals.
  • Prototype and innovate new Koloni services independently or in collaboration with other team members.
  • Research/audit tools in advance to recommend opinions to the team on using a given technology.

Required qualifications

●    Python 3 (FastAPI)

●   NoSQL (DynamoDB using Boto)

●    SQL

●    Poetry (package management)

●    Github Actions (CI/CD)

●    Other AWS infrastructure (Fargate, ECS, Lambda, S3, IAM, terraform)

●    JavaScript or React experience is a plus!

●    English (must be proficient)

Personal Traits

  • Lifelong Learner - Confidence in using and learning new tools outside of their current skill-set using documentation and hands-on testing. You get excited by the opportunity to learn a new tool or language.
  • Reasoning Skills - Understand logic of varying code and hold a solid understanding of core programing concepts. Should be able to step through problems, often with a debugger, to find errors or inefficiencies.
  • Analytical Thinker - Understand the art of problem solving, and break problems into consumable sub-tasks. Divide and Conquer!
  • Hand Raiser - Knowing when to ask questions from peers and business teams.
  • Prioritizer - Knowing when to prioritize certain tasks, and planning them accordingly with the team..
  • Tech Aware - Continually up to date with technology trends and genuinely are interested in new developments of technology. Knowledge of tools outside of programming languages (version control, issue tracking, testing, etc).
  • Focused - Utilization of tools/self-awareness to reduce distractions such as rubber duck debugging, pomodoro, and airplane-mode coding techniques.
  • Socially Aware - Understanding software engineering as a process beyond code in applications. Mindful of technology as a social construct composed of specific goals or needs, as well as the software engineering to create it.
  • Documentation Writer - Must be able to document for both third-parties resources and internally using good comment structure in the codebase for our team.
  • Code Critic - Enjoys reviewing code from peers or examples online.
  • Mnemonist - Have a good memory (or take solid notes).

Overview of Position


●       Location: Any

●       Workplace: Remote

●       Employment Type: Full-Time