We have a great new partnership! ByBoks from Oslo, Norway has partnered with Koloni. Ordering an initial pilot of our modular lockers, ByBoks shares the same vision as Koloni when it comes to recreational sharing. We wanted to share a bit more about the founder of the company, Simon and we asked him a few questions. Read more below, I think you will feel inspired!

Norway ByBoks

What is the mission of ByBoks?

We want to decrease consumption by making sharing the natural first choice.

How did the idea of ByBoks start?

It all started when we were hanging out in a park and wanted to play volleyball. Then we thought how nice it would be if we could just rent a volleyball right then and there.

What are the different applications for the use of the Koloni lockers?

We see many applications for Koloni lockers. We are especially interested in using these lockers to enable sharing of things.  

Norway is a global leader in environmental sustainability and social impact.  Are businesses like ByBoks becoming standard in Norway?

There has definitely been a big push for sustainable solutions here the last couple of years, and sharing is a part of this movement. Many companies are going the platform (P2P) or delivery root (rent and get it delivered), but we see an opportunity in giving people access to the things they need where they need them.

I would assume Norwegians will be very quick to adopt this new type of sharing and rental.  During your experiments, what feedback did you get in regard to adoption and acceptance locally in Oslo?

The great thing about this idea is that it is so easy to understand. People see a locker with a basketball next to a basketball course and instantly realize what the service is. That definitely makes it easier to get adaption. We are also a highly digital population, so using a phone to open a locker comes natural to most.

Since there is such a clear sustainability aspect of this idea it also makes it easier to form partnerships with the municipalities who own the parks.  

How do you envision ByBoks changing the different communities throughout Norway?

We hope the new “byboks” generation doesn’t have to own everything themselves. If we make it convenient and accessible enough that might be the case.

How did you find out about Koloni?

I heard about Koloni from the podcast This Week in Startups by Jason Calacanis. We were already working on the idea, so it was great to jump over a lot of product development and still get to the goal.

What specifically about our company and product offering made you decide to form a partnership?

The great thing about the lockers is that they are so versatile. As long as the item fits in the locker, you can share anything. From our initial tests we also saw the importance of having a window that displays the content in the box.

Koloni is easy to work with and have proven to be a flexible partner that caters to our needs.

Where do you see ByBoks in the next 5-10 years?

Only time will tell, but we hope that we will have changed peoples relationship to owning thing.