Picture this; You just opened a gym in your city. You’re on a budget, so you installed standard lockers, and your members have to bring padlocks from home to securely store their belongings while they work out. It works well enough, but recently some members have complained of stolen items from the locker room. You know in order to keep your customers happy, you have to come up with another storage solution.

You test a few different methods, starting with keyed padlocks. For gym members that don’t bring their own locks, you rent the padlocks to them for $2 an hour. Everyone is happy with the arrangement, but members start to misplace their keys while they work out, and you notice you’re replacing more locks as the weeks go by.

In an attempt to solve the problem of losing keys, you decide to replace your keyed padlocks with combination locks. You quickly find that keeping track of the locks and their corresponding combinations results in more frustration and confusion from your members than before.

Frustrated with two failed attempts to provide secure storage for your members, you turn away from traditional methods for a more innovative approach: smart storage. You’re excited by the idea of offering storage that can be accessed with a smartphone or keycard and overridden by a master access code if necessary.

You do a quick Google search to find that the cheapest smart locker unit costs $700, and you don’t have much flexibility with the design, size, or style. For quality units, you’re seeing prices upward of $2,000! It doesn’t feel attainable, and there isn’t a solution that fits into your unique business model.

And then you find Koloni.

You read about the ONI Lock, a programmable smart lock that fits into any existing locker unit, meaning you can use the storage you already have! It’s significantly more cost-effective than buying a smart storage unit, and it’s just as secure. The locks run on a long-lasting battery, and use a BLE connection, meaning your members can access the locks using Koloni’s white-label applications on their phones!  

Additionally, you can charge your customers an hourly or flat rate for use of the storage right in the app, streamlining your rental process. To top it off, there’s a robust partner platform that allows you to manage your assets and track relevant data on an analytics dashboard for effortless operation.

Cost-effective, secure smart storage, and innovative technology to manage it–it was an easy decision. You choose Koloni to upgrade your business’s storage, and your pocketbook, members, and employees have never been happier.