Koloni announces a new partnership today! The Ski Sheriff is joining the Koloni loT platform and deploying Koloni’s user application via a white-label.

If you’ve ever worried about your skis or snowboard being lost or stolen while you rest or get something to eat, the Ski Sheriff has your back. Actually, they’ve got your gear.

Ski Sheriffs are free-standing lockable ski and snowboard racks (powered by Koloni) that allow users to lock up their gear while they’re away. Soon, skiers and boarders will be able to download the Ski Sheriff app and leave their worries behind.

The Ski Sheriff will be launching its initial racks in Flachau, Austria, this December with hopes for spots in several ski resorts in the US in 2021.

For more information about the Ski Sheriff go to www.skisheriff.com or contact them at albert@skisheriff.com.  

“Providing a platform solution to the Ski Sheriff aligns with our mission to create the loT platform to help better connect us to our physical world,” said Brian Dewey, CEO of Koloni.

Koloni’s enterprise white-label loT solution is a new offering to the company. It allows partners to customize their user’s experience. “We continue to hear from our customers that they wanted to display their own brand better. This brand might be local, or product-specific. We have developed a platform that enables them to have this creativity,” said Brian Dewey.

Contact Brian Dewey at brian@koloni.me for more information.