The average smart locker unit costs upward of $700, and the prices only get higher. When you consider just how much it costs to create smart storage solutions for your business, it’s easy to understand why more organizations aren’t taking advantage of the innovative technology.

At Koloni, We’ve worked to combat this issue by creating a cost-effective smart lock that can be mounted to a locker you already own, eliminating the need for pricey smart locker units. We wanted to create a smart storage solution that is accessible for businesses of any size, resulting in the ONI Lock.

The ONI Lock is a programmable smart lock that can be seamlessly integrated into any existing locker or storage unit. It was designed with ease of use in mind, for the customer and your business.

The ONI Lock comes equipped with long-lasting batteries and BLE connectivity for smartphones, making it extremely accessible for most users.

To create the best user experience with the ONI Lock, we’ve developed a robust white-label software suite to operate and manage your businesses’ IoT assets. Our customizable white-label software gives you the opportunity to edit the end-user interface to match your existing branding. This puts the power back in the hands of the business owner because no one knows your customer better than you!

Interested? Schedule a Software Demo to see the white-label software suite in action, or shop the ONI Lock! Don’t forget to fill out a contact form to get in touch and see how we can help evolve your business!