What is White-Label?

At its core, white-label products or services are made with no branding from the manufacturer or owner. This means that the brands that purchase or have access to the white-label product can customize it aesthetically to match their branding. This is an opportunity for brands to have total control over their end product and user experience.

White-Label in Action

At Koloni, we’ve created a customer-facing application used for access control, food delivery notifications, rental storage, and so much more. We offer white-label services for maximum customization for your business's end-product UI.

Ski Sheriff is a Koloni Partner, and uses our white-label software as their main platform for rental transactions.

Paired with the programmable ONI smart lock, the white-label application enabled Ski Sheriff to develop an innovative lockable rental rack!

Within the Partner Platform, business owners can set the price per variable, whether it's time, units of product, or a flat rate. Then, on the white-label app, customers complete the transaction using a BLE connection, like on a smartphone. Transaction and asset analytics are available on the built-in data dashboard in the Partner Platform.

The Benefits of White-Label

White-label software functions as a plug-and-play. As a business owner, you spend less time and money coding your own applications and you can focus more on designing the user experience.

For sales-driven businesses, white-label is an especially smart investment. Customizable branding and interfaces to drive conversions, and someone else is doing the coding!

Brands often choose white-label applications because it allows them to present an impressive software collection without the time and skill it takes to code out applications to their exact specifications. White-labeling lets someone else do the heavy lifting and allows you to put your focus back on the customer and your product.  

White label software is also relatively risk-free! In most cases, the base software underneath the white labeling is rigorously tested, and in use for hundreds of brands. Since you’re only editing the aesthetics of the application, you can count on reliable back-end operations.

Additionally, with Koloni’s white-label plans, there are no big upfront fees! Most white-label providers charge thousands of dollars for access to their software, not including setup and design assistance. Koloni makes sure our partners are comfortable with the software and everything is designed to your business’s specifications so that you feel confident launching your IoT service.

Ready to get started? Schedule a software demo and meet with one of our white-label experts to find the best solution for your operation!