It’s no secret that Koloni offers a wide variety of products and services to fit into any business’s existing systems, but what is the best solution for your company?

The Delivery Use Case

Businesses that produce, sell or deliver food as their primary service need specialized storage solutions in order to provide the best product for their customers. Our smart storage services are for businesses of any size, and we offer customizable solutions, so no business is too small or too large.

For delivery-based operations, we recommend a set of insulated smart lockers, designed to keep food at a temperature, whether that’s hot, cold, or frozen. The smart lockers come equipped with the ONI lock, a programmable smart lock that uses BLE connectivity, so they’re accessible from smartphones.

The lockers are operated using one of two white label customer-facing applications:

  • Pick-Up: an app designed for delivery drivers. Simply scan a QR code attached to a locker unit, place the food or product inside, and send an auto-generated text with a link that will allow the customer to access the locker and retrieve their securely stored, at-temperature food.

  • Native: the access control app. Connect to the organization’s smart storage unit using a Bluetooth connection on a smartphone or similar device, and complete the prerequisites required by the organization (i.e., payment, registration, etc.), then the unit will unlock, granting the customer access to the food or product. When it is closed again, the device will automatically secure.

Additionally, the lockers and smart locks are managed through Koloni’s Partner Platform, a live-reporting analytics dashboard and management software. See important information like recent transactions, revenue over time, customer demographics, and asset reporting, bundled in one convenient platform!

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The Rental Use Case

Modern business calls for sharing models, otherwise known as renting. There are tons of approaches to rental operations, but Koloni’s is the easiest.

We use a combination of smart storage and supporting software to make your rental experience a breeze. For rental-based operations, we recommend either a unit of modular smart lockers or a set of ONI locks that can be seamlessly installed to existing storage units–no wires, no hassle.

Similar to the Delivery Use Case, the Rental Use Case is accompanied by Native, one of our customer-facing applications. This access control app makes it easy for customers to unlock and resecure the smart lockers or locks when completing transactions. As an added bonus, the app, like all of Koloni’s customer-facing applications, is white-label. This means that you can customize the branding and aesthetics of your app the match your business’s current branding.

As previously mentioned, the lockers are managed through Koloni’s robust Partner Platform, complete with live-reporting analytics dashboards.

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The Storage Use Case

You’ve seen smart storage before, maybe at an amusement park, or an events venue. Typically, users pay with cash or card to complete the transaction, and that’s where we’ve changed the flow.

All of Koloni’s smart storage solutions are touchless, both in locking and unlocking the device as well as completing the transaction. It can all be done within the user’s smartphone!

Deploy agnostic, modular smart lockers, or integrate the ONI lock into existing storage to make a unit of smart storage for your customers. Supported by the Koloni Partner Platform and the Native customer-facing app, our smart solutions support your operation’s storage endeavors from start to finish.

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