(If you’re still wondering exactly what white labeling is, check out this post from the Koloni blog that dives into white label and the benefits of using white label products.)

5. AppInstitute

AppInstitute is a drag-and-drop app builder that requires no coding experience to use. They offer a white-label dashboard so that their partners can customize the user interface of the apps they build.

Additionally, AppInstitute differs from related competitors because they offer promotional materials like brochures, infographics, and promotional videos for the apps built.

The drawback, and why AppInstitute is only #5 on our list, is that the apps, promotional materials, and infographics are all template-based. This means the partner customization is limited and may resemble other brands’ materials.

AppInstitute is a good starting point for smaller brands and organizations because they allow you to get started for free but beware of a hefty monthly fee.

4. 3dcart

3dcart is an e-commerce site builder designed by webmasters, marketers, and designers to create the smoothest experience for brands that are looking to start their own e-commerce platform. Their white label solutions make it easy to start an e-commerce platform with unique branding and layouts.

3dcart is our #4 because they offer a free six-month hosting period and they have a low subscription fee. It’s a great option for resellers looking to start their own platform!

3. InvisiblePPC

InvisiblePPC is just how it sounds; a PPC (pay-per-click) platform that works in the background to manage PPC campaigns through Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Gmail, and more.

White Label marketing services are growing increasingly popular, but InvisiblePPC stands out against the competition, earning #3 on our top five. InvisiblePPC is designed for agencies and allows its partners to focus on the client-relations side of the business rather than the data and campaign optimization that’s required with PPC. With a reasonable monthly cost, we recommend it for new agencies looking to expand their client base.

2. Textbroker

Textbroker is a white-label writing company that creates content specifically for your brand’s industry or by chosen topics/categories. They’ll write blog posts, website content, product descriptions, landing pages, and more.

At #2 on the list, Textbroker is a great option for brands looking to boost their website SEO rankings by creating quality content at an affordable price. Additionally, everything is written from scratch, meaning you’re receiving unique content every time.

1. Koloni

Coming in at #1 is Koloni, the leading provider of white-label applications and software. Koloni offers a wide variety of transaction-based white-label software to make your operation even smoother.

Koloni makes access control easy with the Native app, which uses a Bluetooth connection to lock and unlock compatible smart devices. Don’t have any smart locks? We can help with that too.

Koloni’s ONI lock was designed and tested in-house, meaning we put our own time and effort into making a product we know you’ll love. The ONI lock mounts to any existing locker or cabinet, making it affordable to get started with smart storage.

Additionally, we have a state-of-the-art software suite that includes a live-reporting analytics dashboard that’s fully customizable to keep the data that’s important to your operation front and center.

With a low start-up cost and monthly software fee, Koloni is the all-in-one service that gets you the most for your hard-earned money.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule an intro call and see how Koloni can upgrade your operation!