External APIs

Integrate seamlessly with our platform. Use your own app and take control of your locker network.
“Couldn’t live without it!”
Cameron S.

Unlock in Minutes!

Your Experience– Our APIs enable you to customize around your application.
Easy Documentation – Some APIs can be a pain. We make it simple for you to get started.
Many Routes – Use what you need from our API stack. We provide the tools to scale!

Koloni APIs make it simple.

1. Lock/Unlock – Easily access your smart lockers with our White Label APIs.
2. Battery – Retrieve important information like battery levels.
3. Programmable – Use our APIs for delivery, storage, rental, and more.
4. Locations – Set locations, manage orders and users, and track location performance.


We are partnering with industry leaders to create cool new products.
"Koloni has enabled me to launch my new business and not have to worry about building an app. Ski Sheriff would not be possible without Koloni."
Albert Furst
Founder - Ski Sheriff

Why Koloni Lockers?

Over the last few months, I have had many people ask me… “So, what does Koloni actually do?” These questions typically come from industry insiders that are trying to make sense of our newsletter campaigns and LinkedIn posts.

Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems.