Making Lockers Smarter.

Native enables touchless entry to smart lockers and storage. Perfect for storage and rental-based operations.
“Couldn’t live without it!”
Cameron S.

Here’s why you’ll love Native

Fast Signup – User signup is frictionless. Maximizing your user downloads.
Point of Sale – Connect your Stripe account and start charging customers.
Report Issues – Users can report issues with a locker or item inside.

Native makes it simple.

1. Choose a Location – Simply drop a pin on the map, or choose a location for your smart locker or device.
2. Scan a QR Code – Tell everyone what's in your smart lockers with a quick description.
3. Start Rental – Customers access the locker within the Native app, and can start rentals with the click of a button!
4. End Rental– Complete the transaction by re-locking the smart locker and ending your rental in the app.

Your Brand.

We make it easy to customize your app for your business.
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“Koloni enables kayak and SUP rental businesses possible. We are now deploying locations of kayak and SUP lockers for people to rent from an app. 💪🏽💪🏽”
Scout Vernon
Founder - Buoy Gear Club

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