2-Click Collect.

Scan a QR code to assign a smart locker, and your customer receives a unique access link. Secure and safe delivery made easy.
“Couldn’t live without it!”
Cameron S.

Here’s why you’ll love Pick-Up

Easy Operation – Assign a locker, notify your customers, and unlock a smart lock with the push of a button.
Secure Food Delivery – Ensure your customer's order arrives safely with insulated smart lockers.
A trusted team – Get set up with a delivery expert on the Koloni team!

Pick-Up makes it simple.

1. Place Order – Insert the order into the locker. Select locker # and user Info.
2. Send Text – Send an automated text with a secure, unique access link to your customer.
3. User Clicks Link – "your order is ready for pick-up!"
4. Slides to Unlock – slide to quickly unlock your order!

Smaller & Cheaper

The ONI 2.0 is coming! A smaller and cheaper BLE lock!
"Curbside has never been easier. I am able to connect to my customers faster. Saving them time and making my business more efficient."
Scott Marcer
Restaurant Owner, Koloni Partner

Monetize Your Lockers

We have seen this with the old coin lockers. Slide in a quarter and use a locker. The rate of inflation surpassed the coin lockers decades ago.

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