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Analytics Dashboard
Locker Manager Portal
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Does Koloni provide volume discounts on monthly fees?
Yes, we offer discounts depending on the lock selected and can provide quotes for specific projects.
Are the fees paid annually or monthly?
The prices above are subscriptions paid annually. We also have monthly payment options for a price only slightly more!
Does Koloni manufacture lockers?
No, we partner with leading manufacturers around the globe to offer full solutions. This enables our customers to have a variety of options to help fit their needs.
Can I have lockers in different modes?
Yes, you can deploy lockers for delivery, storage, and rental applications all inside your single account. You can program each individual door as well!
Does Koloni have distributors and resellers?
Yes, we are building a network of dealers and resellers to help sell and support our solutions around the world. If you would like to become a distributor or reseller, send us a note.
Does Koloni provide demo accounts?
Yes, you can sign up and create an account instantly. A Koloni rep will also train you how to use our software.
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