The Locker Platform

Manage user access, customize locker configuration, and program lockers for different applications.

A Full Stack Solution

Engage Users– Send notifications and alerts to your users instantly!
Dashboard – View transaction KPIs, top users, locations and so much more!
Stripe Integration – Connect your Stripe account and customize pricing!

Connect makes it simple.

1. Asset Management– Add, remove, edit, and manage a variety of IoT devices.
2. Add Users – See valuable analytics about your users to meet your operation's goals.
3. Transactions – Total control over your transactions and analytics-based insights.
4. Analytics– Choose which analytics are most important to your operation with our customizable interfaces.

Mount Anywhere.

The smart lock that mounts to any existing locker.
View Hardware
“Before using Connect we just couldn’t get our act together - engagement was low and the organization was a mess. After Connect, we became a top competitor in smart storage.”
Marissa Duantes
Founder | ByBoks

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