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Precise control – White label software to give you the most control over your customer experience.
Easy Integration – Our developers integrate the ONI lock into their app with our API
A trusted team – Work with one of our experienced representatives for an easy startup with white label.
Rental & Storage

Unlock The Universe!

The native rental and storage app is a white-label solution. Enabling businesses to take control of the user experience.

Delivery Made Easy.

Send customers text and email messages when their order is delivered. A simple web-based app makes it frictionless.
Kiosk App

Food. Parcel. Delivery.

Seamlessly integrate our white label solutions to your existing operation. Take control of your user experience!

Businesses love using Koloni.

“Our customers love the lockers.”
Harry F.
Customer Success Manager
“A platform that I can train my entire staff”
Amanda P.
Product Manager
“Easy APIs to connect to our application.”
Anil C.
Founder, CTO
Delivery Made Easy

Save Time Save Money

Making a delivery into a smart locker can save time for the delivery driver and make for a better end user experience.

Innovative Smart Solutions. Innovative Smart Solutions. Innovative Smart Solutions. Innovative Smart Solutions.