A delivery kiosk that is universal for any delivery and pick-up applications. Simple to set up and fast for everyone.

Here’s why you’ll love the Kiosk.

Precise control – Provide on-demand access to a number of products with our touchpad entry system.
Professional design – Sleek and responsive UIs at the tip of your fingers.
A trusted team – Setup support from the White Label experts at Koloni.

The Kiosk makes it simple.

1. Customer Notifications– Send an automated text with a unique access code with 2 clicks! it's that easy.
2. Easy Access – Lock and unlock any compatible smart locks with a simple code.
3. Connect 3rd Parties– Grubhub, Postmates, Doordash, you name it! Connect and simplify your delivery process.
4. Relax, it's done – We make it easy to setup and get started. Get in touch to upgrade your operation!



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“We are always looking at technology to help improve our business. Smart lockers allowed delivery drivers to grab their order without coming inside our establishment.”
Da Paolo Group

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