Smartest Laundry Lockers

Are you ready for a great laundry locker experience? Expand your business today!
“Couldn’t live without it!”
Cameron S.

Simplicity + Affordable

Fast Signup – User signup is frictionless. Maximizing your user downloads.
Point of Sale – Connect your Stripe account and start charging customers.
Track Orders – Manage orders from pick-up to drop-off

The Smartest Lockers

1. Customize Pricing – Set your own pricing on the platform. Enable memberships and more!
2. Auto-notify – Our software will keep your users notified throughout the process.
3. Add Locations– Customers can find what location to drop of their laundry.
4. One Click Unlock – Enough with the keypad and outdated tech. Make it simple for users!
A Trusted Partner

SUDS Lockers

A trusted industry partner in the laundry industry. SUDS Lockers enables turnkey options for laundromats to generate revenue instantly!
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"We continue to build products that companies can use to generate new revenue streams and provide efficiencies. The ROI on wash - dry - fold lockers are through the roof!"
Matt Gniecki - Account Manager

Smart Locker Revolution: A Recap of the Parcel + Post Expo in Amsterdam

Read about the experience and key take aways on where the industry is headed and major disruptors on the horizon!

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