Service Pick-up

Easily customize to fit your specific needs and brand. Manage user access and deliveries within minutes.

Kiosk Application

Verification – Configure verification at each kiosk location
Order Access –  Organizations can choose who can access through a number of secure methods including kiosk, mobile app or sms!
Configuration – Easily modify the application "flow" to fit your specific needs. Choose from many options to change the customer journey.

Delivey Journey

1. Deliver Package – Choose between delivery authentication or bi-pass this step for quicker delivery access.
2. Search User Information – Choose what information should be searchable to fit your security needs. This can include first, last, phone, email and/or address
3. Select locker size– Choose from the available locker sizes and get assigned a locker.
4. Open Door– Driver will place the package in the locker and the user will be notified that it is ready for pick-up.
Web Application

Experience the web app

All in one application! With a scan of a QR Code, quickly drop off or Pick Up deliveries!
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Manage all of your lockers, locations and users in one place! Designed with flexibility for a single location or a network of lockers over multiple organizations.
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