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Native enables touchless entry to smart lockers and storage.Perfect for storage and rental-based operations.

A Full Stack Solution.

Engage Users – Send notifications and alerts to your users instantly!
Dashboard – View transaction KPIs, top users, locations and so much more!
Stripe Integration – Connect your Stripe account and customize pricing!

Connect makes it simple.

1. Configure Pick-up– Allow users to pick up via a pin code, QR code, or mobile application.
2. Search/Add Users – Quickly find users that are already apart of the network. Also add new users fast!
3. Configure Sizes – Assign sizes to the locker and the kiosk interface will do the rest.
4. Track Access – Check locker status and the door lock/unlock log to track every step.

Kiosk + Phone

Koloni Integrates with industry leading hardware Solutions.
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Turn Any Gantner Locker into a Delivery Locker

Our simple kiosk applications allow existing locker banks to be converted to delivery locker hubs. Interested in learning more? Schedule a call below!
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The Locker Disruption

The locker industry is very fragmented, to say the least.

Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems. Smart Locker Systems.