Experience the new web app

All MODES on ONE application! Allow users to access lockers to rent a product, store their backpack, delivery a package, or drop of their laundry. ALL from ONE APP!

Simple & Powerful

Fast Signup – User signup is frictionless. Maximizing your user downloads.
Point of Sale – Connect your Stripe account and start charging customers.
Report Issues – Users can report issues with a locker or item inside.

Web apps makes it simple.

1. Rental Lockers– Manage assets and generate revenue. Users can access any product from a locker.
2. Delivery Lockers– Deliver anything to a locker and quickly send the details for pick-up.
3. Service Pick-up – Laundry services to IT departments. User can drop off items and returned.
4. Vending– Enable users to purchase items from a locker quickly. Pay, unlock, and go!
Storage + Revenue

Unlocking Convenience and Revenue with Koloni.

Discover how you can leveraged the Koloni Web app to quickly enable locker solutions
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Generate revenue with each transaction

Customize pricing for users to scan and quickly rent a locker from an app. No coins, no headache!
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Smart Locker Revolution: A Recap of the Parcel + Post Expo in Amsterdam

Read about the experience and key take aways on where the industry is headed and major disruptors on the horizon!

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