Lockers are used for a large variety of transactions daily. If you are not in the locker industry, it might be something you use but never think about. Health clubs, apartment complexes, workspace lockers, the list goes on and on! Lockers are also flexible regarding sizes, materials, and configurations. A box with a door creates limitless possibilities. So, while we see lockers all around us, why don’t we see more?

Smart lockers should be seen as a core piece of infrastructure in our communities going forward. Creating efficiencies for businesses and consumers should also come with a monetary fee. These can be low transaction fees of a few pennies to +$100/per. It simply depends on the service and efficiency value you are providing compared to the alternative. 

We have seen this with the old coin lockers. Slide in a quarter and use a locker. The rate of inflation surpassed the coin lockers decades ago. In many cases, businesses should generate $2-$10 instead of the $0.25 they get from the quarter.

Do you currently operate smart lockers in your business? It could be a tremendous new revenue generator and reduce the current hassle with existing customers. My local health club is constantly posting signs for people to return the keys to the gym lockers. Adding smart lockers where members can pay a small monthly fee to store their items could generate additional revenue while enabling access control.

Event centers, community swimming pools, amusement parks, and so many other businesses use lockers as an amenity for customers to store their belongings. The average value of those belongings continues to rise, allowing businesses to add higher and higher fees to a locker rental. 

How can you start generating revenue with your lockers? Talk to a Koloni representative!