The pandemic has brought many new innovations to the forefront of this rapidly changing world. Here at Koloni, we receive new inquiries daily, from large businesses to aspiring entrepreneurs, are looking to deploy new solutions to solve real problems. The CEO of Starbuck, Kevin Johnson, said: “...And that's where we've amplified our mobile app, the digital channels that we have for mobile order pickup, curbside, delivery, and drive-thru, so we're going to continue to see growth around the need state of convenience.”

Businesses around the world are trying to find new ways to connect to customers. These same businesses are trying to re-establish themselves while also having difficulty hiring new employees to meet the increasing demand. These new pain points have pushed businesses to invest in automation that helps them reconnect with their customers with a digital experience while reducing labor hours. An accelerating, affordable solution many are turning to is... smart lockers!

Earlier this year, we quietly released a white-label solution for a few of our great customers. Over the last +9 months, we listened to feedback and created features and a user experience that is not only easy but also inspiring. I personally remember when I launched my first website using Squarespace. The user experience inspired and empowered me to launch something truly great as a business concept. Easily inserting the color pallet, logo, text boxes, and images allowed me to take control and make something fast and affordable. Looking back, I realize now, I still didn’t know what I was doing, but Squarespace opened the door for my new endeavor.

One of the most rewarding things about Koloni is empowering other people to launch their new endeavors. Until now, our partners were only able to launch their devices on the Koloni branded application. Limiting their ability to customize their own user experience. Over the last two years, many have inquired about using our platform as a white-label solution. We wanted to make sure we created an experience that truly inspired customers to take control of their business.

Customers can now sign-up for a white-label solution. In minutes they can insert their color pallet, logo, images, and text to customize their experience. They can play around with different color schemes, add user referral programs, memberships, and welcome emails. Once the app is deployed, the Koloni team helps deploy it to the app store for users to download. Once live, you can track users, send them push-button notifications, monitor transactions, and track your revenue.

We believe we have created the gold standard when it comes to on-demand access solutions. This new solution can be used by sole proprietors or fortune 500 companies.  Whether its hands-free rentals, deliveries, or storage solutions, Koloni is focused on providing a complete platform for current and future customers to reconnect with their customers.